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My Favorite Podcast: Considerations of Celebrity in Podcast Culture by Dafna Kaufman

by Ethan Tussey

In 2016, Georgia Harstark and Karen Kilgariff decided to create a weekly true crime podcast. Their podcast, My Favorite Murder, discusses serial killers, historic murder mysteries, survivor stories, and the occasional “hometown” murder story. Over a very short period of time, the podcast gained many fans. Theirs fans even created a cult-like fan group that call themselves “Murderinos.” My Favorite Murder, while covering similar content to many other true crime podcasts, separated itself from the rest through the dialogue between Georgia and Karen. Their wild banter (often the predominant feature of the show) carried their fans through one to two hour-long episodes. Due to their success, Karen and Georgia have taken their podcasting on the road. They tour internationally performing their podcast for a live audience.

My Favorite Murder was created as a space for true-crime junkies. Georgia and Karen (self-proclaimed true-crime enthusiasts) hoped to create a community for like-minded individuals (those interested in the macabre) to join together and enjoy the occasional morbid tale. They created this show as fans of true crime culture. Yet, in their rise to fame, the fans of the show have become increasingly fans of Karen and Georgia. A passion for true-crime brought this community together, yet the energy and exuberance of Georgia and Karen keep it together. The popularity of their live performances (many sold out shows nationally and internationally) speaks to the striking impression they make on their fans. Currently, with so many different media outlets available to so many different types of people, such niche celebrity is widespread and not outlandish. Yet, My Favorite Murder, as a contemporary podcast, exemplifies how community and kinship can produce wildly dedicated fan bases. It leads to many questions regarding podcasts and fan culture. Are fans of My Favorite Murder listening for the true-crime stories or the exuberance of its co-hosts? Even further, are fans so attached to Georgia and Karen, or the sense of community imbued by their podcast? Will podcast hosts rival television stars for stardom soon? Or will podcast stars forever be in a separate, niche sphere of celebrity?

My Favorite Murder ANIMATED - Paul Onions

odcast Episode - My Favorite Murder #88 - Live at the Comedy Theatre Credits: Karen Kilgariff Georgia Hardstark Steven Ray Morris

from My Favorite Murder ANIMATED - Paul Onions (2018)
Creator: Nick Terry
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by Ethan Tussey