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Fandom Matters (Or At Least Its Dollars Do)

by Ethan Tussey

Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) both made a lot of money for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. By this measure, they were successful.
But all was not well within superhero fandom. While some were thrilled by Batman and Superman glaring at each other, destroying property, and killing people, others were not. Theyre sodark, they lamented. Superheroes wouldnt act like this! they fumed. Wheres the fun? they wondered. It sounded like they preferred the Marvel/Disney superhero movies, with their mix of comics-esque characterizations, action, pathos, and humor. Indeed, of the top ten highest grossing superhero movies, Marvel characters films command eight slots, and DCs, two (the 2008 and 2012 Batman films).
Fanservice, DC/Warner apparently decided, might generate more positive buzzand more moneyfor their upcoming Justice League film. Beloved comics writer (and DC Entertainment President/CCO) Geoff Johns was tasked with helping to guide the production. And seventeen months before its release, the movie set was opened to journalists. Many of them had savaged Batman v Superman. But one described what he saw as a 180 from that film, I saw more people smiling on screen watching Justice League in one day than all of Batman v Superman in its entirety.
The director of all three films, Zach Snyder, confirmed that fans' reactions engendered the change, I have had to...make an adjustmentbecause of what fans have said and how [Batman v Superman] was received by some. Producer Deborah Snyder concurred, We care what the fans say. As another comics journalist summed up the set visit, The message was clear: We know. And were trying.
Amid this new optimism, the films trailer dropped, not with a dark Hans Zimmer score, but with upbeat rock. Not with Batman brooding alone, but chatting with the Flash. Not with Batman and Wonder Woman acting guarded and cool, but rather, united and comfortable with one another. The stinger even has Batman making an old comic fans joke at Aquamans expense. The tone is indeed lighter and more Marvel-esque. At the same time, there is still some of the washed-out color and stone-faced badassery of the first two films.
Will Justice League satisfy both those who loved the grimdark DC movies and those who expressed disappointment in them? If not, no doubt the dissatisfied fans will raise their voices, having learned that the company is listening.

Fandom Matters

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from Justice League (2016)
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Posted by Ethan Tussey