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Commentaries on this Media!

No Limits Sources & Commentary

by l_e_s

This is the full & final version -- I shared the partial videographic trailer a few weeks ago...

Thank you (again :D) to bonibaru for the beta, and for talking me down from the crazycakes first version.

#videographiccriticism meets #vidding meets #wangxian
Audio: "Love Has No Limits" by Fleurie

Vids included—these are all just wonderful and you absolutely should watch!

Alpheratz_vids, "Hurricane,"

LNKD, "Nothing Like Us,"

Lovelyboyslove, "Get You the Moon,"

Peaches and Plums, "Lovely,"

Solariene, "Silhouette,"

I also included a couple of my own vids:

Lolathexxiii, "Fools Rush In,"

Lolathexxiii,"Love Crime,"

The quote at the opening comes from:

Catherine Burwell, "You Know You Love Me: Gossip Girl fanvids and the amplification of emotion," Feminist Media Studies, 2015 Vol. 15, No. 2, 306–323,

#fmv #mdzs #viddingmeta

No Limits: A Short Video on Vidding

"I write my story with more than words." A short video on vidding. Featuring some of my very favorite #TheUntamed fmvs.

from The Untamed Fan Videos (2019)
Creator: Zheng Weiwen and Chen Jialin;
Distributor: Tencent
Posted by l_e_s