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Commentaries on this Media!

High & Low - The Untamed Pechakucha

by l_e_s

A videographic pechakucha = 1 minute of uninterrupted audio, + ten 6-second sequences, from the same source.

Source = #theuntamed #chenqingling episodes 1-31

Strangely, this was both fun and challenging to create; in some ways a totally different mindset from creating FMVS

but my love for #wangxian & #weiwuxian & #lanwangi came through anyway

a transformative work

High and Low - A Pechakucha

A videographic Pechakucha for The Untamed

from The Untamed (2019)
Creator: Zheng Weiwen and Chen Jialin;
Distributor: Tencent
Posted by l_e_s