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Commentaries on this Media!


by l_e_s

Due to YouTube's licensing changes, this video is no longer available on YouTube, despite its fair use status. I post it here as fair use instead.

Excerpts from vid notes from 2012:

At the heart of it, I was trying to get at the way John is drawn to dangerous games--to playing with the line between life and death, and to the place underneath logic where the irrational and death break through--and that all of this comes to him through Sherlock. And of course Sherlock too is drawn to dangerous games, perhaps even more so, with similar impetuses, and thus they're drawn inexorably to each other.

But also, I wanted it to be about falling into the game of playing with the source, the visuals, just as ChaseManhattan had created something so slippery and new and enchanting with his remix of Videogames.



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Could be dangerous

from Games (Sherlock & Lana Del Rey's Videogames) (2012)
Creator: Lola
Distributor: Personal File
Posted by l_e_s