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Fall of Man and the Creation of Meaning

by l_e_s

Obsessive24’s vid, “Fall of Man,” (2009) engages with the themes of religion raised by the cult TV series Supernatural (CW, 2005-present) in a thematic analysis and character study. With its title a play on Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” (which is referenced and represented in the video), “Fall of Man” synthesizes a range of sources to create new meaning. This vid offers an interpretation of its televisual source text and also poses questions of religion, dogma, faith, and personal responsibility. Supernatural resists giving us detailed imagery of heaven and angels: its angels look more like noir heavies than expected angelic imagery. However, “Fall of Man” takes from other media sources, including film, art, and music video, to layer on more traditional signifiers of angels and heaven. By re-inscribing more traditional representations of the angelic and godly, “Fall of Man” takes further the series’ positing of the absence of god. We can understand “Fall of Man” as not only responding to Supernatural, but also, and perhaps more significantly, engaging with long standing cultural conversations about the role of religion and faith within human experience. This vid achieves this sense of participating in a larger cultural conversation by combining footage beyond Supernatural, including images from a range of B films and music videos, as well as from Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” As such, “Fall of Man” opens up Supernatural’s transgressive potential and in the same move transforms Michaelangelo’s imagery from a visualization of God creating man to the invisible hand of the vidder erasing God. In this way, “Fall of Man” highlights the power of the vidder as author to transform and redirect meanings set into motion by popular culture. Vids like “Fall of Man” remix film and television sources to refocus, reinterpret, and critique their source text.

Obsessive24's Fall of Man

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Supernatural vid by Obsessive24. Castiel character, Castiel/Dean. What you don't know won't kill you. Spoilers for season 4. Music by Matthew Good Band.

from Fall of Man (2009)
Creator: Obsessive24
Distributor: personal web site
Posted by l_e_s