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Commentaries on this Media!

Making Pop culture think

by John Paul Henderson

This movie and the media that accompanied the story, comic books and games, raised the question "Are we awake and conscious and what is it to be conscious?" This has been a question that has dawned the ages, but this movie in particular raised the question in a new manner.  What would it be like if our technology became as smart or smarter than us and enslaved us?  This clip shows the detail of thought of what our minds go through and what we consider things to be and answer questions that we truely do not understand, such as deja' vu.  The answer is a glitch in the system which would be a normal thing in the computer world.  Something that is passes off in everyday conversation is now something of great concern.  A glitch means the machines have changed something and could be of great detriment to there present mission.  The amazing part is that it could raise the question in todays society if we are awake or enslaved?  How would we know if we are not one of the chosen?  

To be able to raise these questions and actually create a small paranoia is astonishing making our society believe that this could actually happen.  I do believe this is an accomplishment to our culture today also.  We as a people believe that we are so advanced that we would be able to create something as smart as or smarter than us.  That is the only way this movie works.  In the past it would have been aliens creating this technology that enslaves us but this movie created the reality that we have become advanced enough to be able to empower machines enough that we would be trapping ourselves.  So we are either arrogant or astonishing.       

The Matrix and Glitches

Human perceptual anomalies are explained via computer technology

from The Matrix (1999)
Creator: The Wachowski Brothers
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Posted by Critical Commons Manager