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Commentaries on this Media!

Life Extension

by Yasaman Hashemian

Vanilla Sky is also one of those movies that play with its audience by switching between the virtual mode and reality mode. Through the whole movie always this question comes to the audience mind that is he waking up from the dream or still he is dreaming? But really how we can figure out which one is the truth? In the whole movie Cameron Crowe tries to make us believe each of them as a possible reality. He wants to make us think and look around to all of the options that we can choose in life. But what is the real criterion to distinguish the truth? What is the toolset that gives man the power to separate reality and dream? Is it our mind that gives us the creativity to build the world around us, and choose which one to believe?


Based on the Holomonic brain theory if man gets into his maximum potential mode he can experience new things. So if man has this power to build his world, what are the standards for a perfect life? Health? Wealth? Adventure? Happiness? etc… What makes the life so mysterious that someone like Simone De Beauvior in her novel “All Men are Mortal” mentioned it as a cursed to live forever, but in Life Extension institute they advertising it as a perfect choice to live in the ageless state?


Does the fact that there is an ending in life makes it interesting? Like playing a game; The game of life. People aim to finish it to see what is going to happen at the end, tolerate all the suffering, work hard to make it work, jeopardize life and survive it, and enjoy many of those moments. Because they can’t predict the future is it motivating? Do all those surprises bring the joy?


Or does the fact that they can decide for every stage of their life and organize it the way they want makes the life joyful? Is it going to be tedious and boring to not to have any surprises or it is going to be a new chapter that none of us tried it before? It might open new windows to new experience. But what would be the consequence of life without any sorrow? If sorrow gives the context to joy, are people going to find another factor to compare and give the life new meaning and value?


So now what is the responsibility of Scientifics and technology communities to open the technology features to man but also on the other hand not to cage their free will?

So just open your eyes and play it smart.

Worlds obsession with anti-aging

by Chris Pratola

For decades, the world has been relying on technology to better there lives, cure diseases and to ultimately live longer. Science fiction has been a big contributor on ideas to point us in the right direction to that sort of solution. It seems that everyone is obsessed with not dying. Is it because we fear what we do not know of? or do we prefer what we are comfortable with or accustomed to? In this scene, Tom Cruise is freezing himself with a entertainment package attached. This would keep him the same age for as long as he is frozen, thus never really dying at all. We want the experience to feel like real life, and in a place we are familiar with. From what I took from this scene, although never have seen the movie, it seems to me like this is an engineered heaven. The concept is very interesting, and would make us feel like we live forever.  This all seems possible, and it kind of frightens me to see how far humans and technology will go before it breaks the natural order of things. I think that it boils down to control. Everyone wants to be in control of their lives, and destiny. Being in control in the afterlife should make no difference. Fear changes people, and when you fear death and the unknown, a little bit of control would probably make you feel better. 

Virtual Reality in Real Life

by Nelson

Abre Los Ojos was a better film than Vanilla sky, but that isn’t what this commentary is about.  I enjoy watching films that mix together the real life with virtual life.  Then as I sit back and think about it, why is it that people are so fascinated with the concept of virtual reality.  I’ve come to the conclusion that may people are unhappy with their lives somehow.  Escapism is talked about when discussing such activities like drug use, alcohol use, excessive sleeping and the list goes on.  Included in this “escapism” list, I also include movie watching.  I would also add to this list the pursuit of virtual reality.


Tom Cruise’s character in Vanilla Sky was definitely using virtual reality as a way to escape his life and his disfigured face.  Why couldn’t he just suck it up, learn to live with his flaws and live his life.  He was afraid of what others around him would think.  I sometimes think the pursuit of such things like virtual reality is a way for people to not accept themselves in this world and want to create another world where they have more control.  The development of virtual reality is hurting people in the sense that they are finding ways to escape and avoid actually having to deal with pain and suffering caused by their shortcomings. 


People are interesting.  I myself have shortcomings and use movies as a form of escaping the disappointments in life but I think the kind of virtual worlds in such films like Vanilla Sky and eXistenZ is way too extreme.  I think this type of virtual reality is fine for the big screen and imagination, but actually trying to make virtual reality a “reality” would be detrimental to the already diminishing social beings that humans have been and should continue to be.

Imagination leads the future

by ying-hsin chou

Cryogenics is a relatively new science concept. Up to now, It is illegal to apply experiments cryogenically on human when they still alive. Therefore, it always raises some issue regarding moral, religion, and scientific conflict. But in the real world, there are already some theories and technics existing to support the idea that Cryogenics can be used to prolong life. For example, cord blood banks preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells from newborns. To some extent, it is also a conduct to change the system of natural live circle. In this clip, It holds an positive attitude for Cryogenetics from its description. It alter the notion of live by unlimited prolong human live and view is as an escape from the existing world. Dreams take places of our real world, in a dream, we can be the only one who controls everything. Even though the film tends to describe cryogenics on human as flawless, the “perfect cryogenics” opposite in the existing somehow make it ironic.


Virtual reality subvert the way we receive message. The moment when Tom Cruise react to the message sent from the VR technic, he leans forward and the scene slow down. It is the VR that amplify the strength of communication and makes it more appealing than just message itself.



Other early  VR movie, Tron, It’s a science fiction film which was the first Hollywood picture to explore virtual reality. We can compare it with the other movie, Minority Report. Both of these movie focus so much on the idea of virtual reality that represent the anticipation of virtual reality from different times. These creativities lead the future of technology development. What we can find is that some early VR pursues is what we already have now. Nowadays, we can also expect those VR concepts to be applied and create more possibilities in our future.

Vanilla Sky, Cryogenics, and Virtual Reality

Life Part 2: the union of science and entertainment is presented through a Microsoft Surface touch interface

from Vanilla Sky (2001)
Creator: Cameron Crowe
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Posted by Jason Lipshin