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Commentaries on this Media!

Diane E. Levin interview

by Julie Levin Russo

We hope that this interview will bridge the fields of game studies and child development, two areas with intersecting concerns but divergent traditions. In the video below, Levin speaks with Julie Levin Russo about the importance of play in childhood. She explains why computer and console activities aren't adequate to the cognitive processes that children use to understand their world, crippling their ability to build critical approaches to media in later life. While transformative uses of video games are often valorized, we need to recognize that transformation is a complex skill that begins with games in their most basic material form. Here, we discuss why an awareness of the specificities of children as viewers, users, and industry targets is crucial to fostering positive relationships to technology.

Child's Play as Transformative Work

An interview with Diane Levin for the Transformative Works and Cultures issue No. 2 (Video Games as Transfomrative Works) -

from (2009)
Creator: Julie Levin Russo
Posted by Julie Levin Russo