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Commentaries on this Media!

Spend or save

by Jadrian

In Lucy and the Great Bank Robbery, Lucy and Viv rent their room people trying to visit the New York World's Fair. Unbeknown to Lucy, she rents the room to two bank robbers who have decided to rob Mooney's bank at night. After the heist, the bank robbers discuss whether they should stay in town and actually visit the World's Fair or if they should leave. One of the robbers dutifully notes that money is only good for two things: stealing and spending. While your economics instructor would probably advise against the first part, we typically focus on the role of money as being only used for spending or saving. The two then go on to discuss how they'll store their money since they can't put the stolen money back into the bank. Saving money at home (in mattresses or in the ground) are common ways that money leaks from the money supply.

The Lucy Show -- Steal it or save it

Two bank robbers discuss what you can do with money

from The Lucy Show (1964)
Creator: Desilu Productions
Distributor: CBS All Access
Posted by Jadrian