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Commentaries on this Media!

Annoying Roommates

by Jadrian

Garrett and Jonah became roommates after a tornado destroyed Jonah's apartment, but it turns out that their habits aren't exactly conducive to being roommates. Garrett passively aggressively lets Jonah know that he's messy when it comes to taking a shower so he buys Jonah a bathmat. In return, Jonah suggests that he get Garrett a pair of noise-canceling headphones since he's so bothered by every noise Jonah makes. The two go back-and-forth listing the various ways they annoy each other.

Superstore -- Messy Roommate

Garrett gets Jonah a bathmat as a Christmas gift because he's so messy

from Superstore (2017)
Creator: Justin Spitzer
Distributor: Hulu
Posted by Jadrian