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Rationing a Flu Shot

by Jadrian

Jonah's helping out in the pharmacy, but there's only one flu shot left. The actual pharmacist isn't much help, so Jonah has to decide who deserves the last flu shot available for the day. Many of the customers are unwilling to drive to a nearby store or come back the next day, and each make an important point about who "needs" it the most. Should the last flu shot go to a pregnant woman, a kindergarten teacher, or the man who was next in line? Rationing can often lead to equity issues when trying to decide who is more deserving of a limited item.

Check out

Superstore -- Flu Shot Equity

Jonah has to decide which customer gets the last flu shot

from Superstore (2015)
Creator: Justin Spitzer
Distributor: Hulu
Posted by Jadrian