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Product differentiation in tv shows

by Jadrian

Randy Marsh is a local contractor who flips homes in the area. His TV show, white people flipping homes, has come under bad wrap when local Confederates have decided to use his television show to protest the Amazon Echo stealing jobs in the town. Marsh takes the men to court for damages because viewers negatively associate the local Confederates with the show. He’s asked why he doesn’t change the name of his show, but he lists off a variety of other show titles that were already taken. In a monopolistically competitive market, product differentiation is essential to creating demand. Items must be substitutable, but sellers also must try to convince buyers that their product is somehow unique from the competition.

South Park -- White People Renovating Houses

The Marshses start their own home renovation show

from South Park (2017)
Creator: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Distributor: Comedy Central
Posted by Jadrian