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Commentaries on this Media!

A Crying Baby

by Jadrian

The eldest daughter takes care and provides for most of the family because their father is an alcoholic and mother is absent in their lives. One of the daughters, Debbie, gets pregnant and decides to have the child. After having the baby, she brings it back home and begins to live in her house with her newborn. One morning, the baby starts to cry. Everyone in the house is woken up by the newborn’s cries and is extremely angry. The baby crying in the morning is an example of a negative externality. By crying and waking everyone up, the baby is costing the third party, in this case the family, sleep, as a result. 

Shameless -- Crying Baby

Debbie's child is bothering the whole house

from Shameless (2016)
Creator: Paul Abbott
Distributor: Netflix
Posted by Jadrian