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Commentaries on this Media!

What's the point?

by Jadrian

Rick’s quote in this episode is as followed, “The point of automation is to reduce cost and labor!” He says this because his robot’s dialogue disappointed him. This directly relates to economics, labor economics in particular, as when a firm’s supply of labor becomes too inelastic they will substitute capital for labor in order to reduce costs and increase profits. The firm, or Rick, is substituting capital for labor as we saw when examining firms’ reactions to labor markets.

Thanks to Justin Cooper for the clip and description!

Rick and Morty -- What's the point of automation

Rick resets his kids, but they don't perform the way they are supposed to. He questions the point of automation.

from Rick and Morty (2017)
Creator: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
Distributor: Adult Swim
Posted by Jadrian