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Commentaries on this Media!

Stickers as money

by Jadrian

Colorful stickers have become de facto currency on the playground. TJ can't buy things because he doesn't have any stickers even though his friends have them. Because of the increase in demand, the local shop owner doesn't even have any stickers left.

TJ decides to start working in order to earn more stickers to buy things. When he gets tired of doing labor for stickers, he turns into a managerial role and begins delegating tasks to other kids who needs stickers. When TJ collects nearly all of the Monstickers on the playground, the kids aren't able to actually purchase anythings. Eventually, Monstickers become obsolete and the playground converts to Lick 'n' Stick Alien Stamps and the Monstickers become useless.

Recess -- Stickers as Money

The kids on Recess have decided to do away with money in exchange for stickers.

from Recess (1998)
Creator: Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere
Distributor: Disney
Posted by Jadrian