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Commentaries on this Media!

Taxes and Comparative Systems

by Jadrian

When a classmate's house burns down, the Pritchetts band together to find things to donate to their cause. Manny and Luke are put in charge of a remote controlled helicopter that Manny has been coveting. Luke convinces Manny to fly it and they promptly lose the helicopter. Manny is scared of what Gloria will do when she finds out and threatens to walk to Canada if they do not find it. Luke replies that he hopes Manny likes taxes. Canada does tend to have higher tax rates than the United States, but there are also differences in the services provided by the two governments.

Modern Family: Walking to Canada

Manny and Luke lose a remote controlled helicopter

from Modern Family (2012)
Creator: Chris Lloyd and Steven Levitan
Distributor: Google Play Store
Posted by Jadrian