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Commentaries on this Media!

Bargaining Power

by Jadrian

Phil has plans to give Haley the perfect git for her 21st birthday - a new car. He has spent months doing research and planning without actually going in to a dealership. His work has been online and he landed an incredible deal. But Jay is convinced that he can do better. In this scene, Phil is sad because Jay made his deal fall through but Jay has a surprise. Jay did some hard core negotiating and beat that unbeatable deal.... or did he? Buying a car is different from many other markets. The price on the sticker is rarely what people pay. Instead, both buyer and seller go in to the transaction with the understanding that they will negotiate the price and features of the car.

Modern Family: Unbeatable Deal

Jay lies about getting a good deal because he wants to help Phil

from Modern Family (2014)
Creator: Chris Lloyd and Steven Levitan
Distributor: Google Play Store
Posted by Jadrian