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Commentaries on this Media!

Equity vs Efficiency

by Jadrian

Colleen and Matt are back from their wedding, but they haven't written any thank you cards. Joan tries to drop hints by buying them thank you cards, but now she's gotten to the point of just telling them they need to write thank you cards. Colleen realizes they need to do this because they want gifts later for their baby shower. This self-interest has sparked an idea! While it may be fair to write each person an individual card, they Colleen and Matt realize it's much more efficient to make a thank you video that people can share. The gesture isn't well received at brunch. Often, improvements in efficiency (in this case making a video and saving the couple time) come at the cost of equity (many family members feel this isn't fair).

Life in Pieces -- Thank you Cards

Matt and Colleen make a thank you video

from Life in Pieces (2018)
Creator: Justin Adler
Distributor: CBS All Access
Posted by Jadrian