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Commentaries on this Media!

Opportunity cost of gift giving

by Jadrian

Matt isn't the best at giving gifts and he's realizing that this year. Matt gives his wife a homemade coupon book that she decides to finally cash in to show him how awful the gifts are. After a while he doesn't work as hard, but then at family dinner he finds out that no one really appreciates his gifts because it doesn't seem like he puts much thought into them. There is a small line about positive externalities because Jen got a flu shot for her birthday once, which her husbands announces was "the gift that keeps on giving."

Life in Pieces: Coupon Gift Giving

Matt gives everyone coupons for their birthdays, but he's realizing they don't appreciate it

from Life in Pieces (2018)
Creator: CBS
Distributor: CBS All Access
Posted by Jadrian