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Trade is Good

by Jadrian

With the recent stretch of tariffs being imposed on other countries (and other countries on us), Jimmy Kimmel uses some of his showtime to interview 2nd graders about the trade deficits. The basis of the segment comes from Trump's misguided tweet regarding trade deficits and why a trade war won't hurt the US:

Shiloh, our 2nd grader, explains the pros and cons of international trade, including the potential for lost jobs in the US and unsafe working conditions abroad. She also highlights the pros of trade by noting countries are able to buy more things, create jobs in exporting industries, and bring countries together.

Thanks to Abdullah Al-Bahrani for the post!

Jimmy Kimmel -- A 2nd Grader Explains Trade

A 2nd grader explains the benefits of free trade to President Trump

from Jimmy Kimmel Live (2018)
Creator: Jimmy Kimmel
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Jadrian