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Externalities of Cashmere Production

by Jadrian

Evan Osnos discusses many of the externalities that arise from the increased production of Cashmere in China over the past decade. Osnos explains that cashmere goats in China have sharp hooves that tear up the landscape and create dust, which then travels to the United States and reduces air quality, particularly along the west coast. As cashmere consumption has increased, so has the pollution. Osnos refers to the "real costs" of cashmere items (such as a cashmere toilet seat cover that Colbert has) as including the health care costs for those affected by the dust.

Credit: Jennifer Imazeki

Evan Osnos on The Colbert Report

Evan Osnos talks with Stephen Colbert about Cashmere and the impact of cashmere production in China

from The Colbert Report (2007)
Creator: Comedy Central
Distributor: Comedy Central
Posted by Jadrian