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Labor Economics

by Jadrian

A husband and wife comically discuss their plans for preventing another child, whether to use an IUD or have a vasectomy. The conversation then leads into whether it's time to go back to work after maternity leave. While she loves her children, she wants to be away from them a bit, but they can't decide on the best option. One option is to hire a "child minder," but that would cost nearly the same as her teaching salary, but Sharon is in favor of the option. She's willing to work full time to pay for someone to watch her children, essentially have zero effective income. Why would she be willing to do something like this? She would derive utility from spending time away from her own children.

Catastrophe -- Working to pay for daycare

Sharon considers working full time to hire a sitter

from Catastrophe (2015)
Creator: Amazon
Distributor: Amazon
Posted by Jadrian