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Commentaries on this Media!

Risky Flight

by Jadrian

Boyle is going on a singles cruise and isn't sure when to arrive at the airport. He approaches Gina with the idea of getting to the airport 5 hours early for a domestic flight (which is already too much!), but she tries to convince him he actually needs to be there 8 hours. Some people prefer to arrive at the airport extra early because they are scared they will miss their flight, but most people don't need to arrive more than 2 hours. Later in the episode, we learn that Boyle missed his flight because of an assignment, but that he actually bought a backup flight just in case he missed it. This is perhaps an extreme version of risk aversion.

Brooklyn 99 -- Boyle Buys a Backup Flight

Boyle is nervous about missing his flight so he plans to arrive 8 hours early and secures a backup flight

from Brooklyn 99 (2013)
Creator: Michael Schur and Dan Goor
Distributor: Hulu
Posted by Jadrian