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Commentaries on this Media!

Behavioral Econ in Gift Giving

by Jadrian

Charles and Gina have been secretly hooking up  for a while, but now their parents have decided to start dating and it's freaking the two of them out. Charles rushes to the office to show Gina a gift that his dad is planning to give Gina's mom. At first the two are scared of the repercussions to their lives if their parents start dating, but quickly realize that the planned gift is much worse for their parents than for them. Gina also goes through her process of unwrapping gifts before the actual reveal because she doesn't want to get surprised in photos. Her risk aversion results in lots of time spent to avoid embarrassment.

Brooklyn 99 -- Awful Gifts

Charles and Gina's parents are dating and Charles is scared when he finds a gift that his dad is planning to give Gina's mom

from Brooklyn 99 (2014)
Creator: Michael Schur and Dan Goor
Distributor: Hulu
Posted by Jadrian