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Commentaries on this Media!

Reservation Wage

by Jadrian

Ed visits Walter in his hideaway to care for him. As Ed is preparing to leave, Walter pays him to stick around for a bit longer. We learn that the reservation price (wage) for Ed's time is about $1,000 per hour. If he would have stayed for less, he could have earned some economic rent. Based on the early exchange, we know his reservation wage is above zero dollars. While playing, Walter notes that Ed will show up one day and Walter will be dead. He starts to wonder what Ed would do with the money he has laying around. Ed smartly points out that he could promise to return it to Walter's family, but Walter probably wouldn't believe him is he said he would.

Breaking Bad: What About the Money?

Walter wonders if his leftover money will get back to his family

from Breaking Bad (2012)
Creator: Vince Gilligan
Distributor: AMC
Posted by Jadrian