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Commentaries on this Media!

Risk Premium

by Jadrian

Jesse brings in the revenue from the first batch of meth, and Walter is less than impressed with the amount of money that has come in. Walter had made a pound of meth (16 ounces), but Jesse has only sold 1 ounce because he's selling it directly to users. Walter isn't happy with the payoff because he feels the risk he is taking by breaking the law should result in a lot more profit. The two brainstorm ways to sell in larger quantities, but it turns out they had earlier killed the one person they knew who would be buy in bulk. By selling in larger quantities, the two can lower their average fixed costs (economies of scale), but it also means that they're going to have to find a partner to do that because Jesse doesn't have a big enough footprint to sell that much dope.

Breaking Bad: Risk vs. Reward

Walter doesn't think the risk of getting arrested is worth such small sums of money from selling meth directly

from Breaking Bad (2008)
Creator: Vince Gilligan
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Jadrian