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Commentaries on this Media!

Health Economics

by Jadrian

Now that Skyler knows about the cancer, they need to find a way to finance his healthcare. Skyler reaches out to one of the best oncologists in the country, but it's going to cost $5,000. This isn't something a typical American family can afford, but Skyler and Walt discuss how to fund their deposit. Skyler plans on charging it to their credit card, but also suggests borrowing it from Hank. The reason this particular doctor is so expensive is because he isn't in their HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), which works to lower costs for those covered by their insurance. The US system of health care can be a bit confusing, but this clip would be an interesting way to start the discussion of how families can pay for medical care.

Breaking Bad: Paying for Treatment

Skyler and Walt try to pay for his treatment

from Breaking Bad (2008)
Creator: Vince Gilligan
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Jadrian