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Text Commentary

Scrubs: My Two Dads
by Linda Ghent `

JD hears conflicting discussion from his mentor, Dr. Cox and the hospital chief of staff, Dr. Kelso. Dr. Cox believes that a hospital and its doctors are there to serve the patients and improve their well-being, regardless of whether the patient has insurance coverage. Providing some services today may prevent the patient from appearing over and over in the hospital emergency room, leading to even larger costs in the future. Dr. Kelso believes that a hospital is a business that must be concerned with its bottom line. After all, if the hospital had to close, where would the patients go then?

This Commentary is related to the following Clips:
Scrubs: My Two Dads by Bill Lawrence (2001) In this clip, JD hears two conflicting accounts of what a hospital's goals should be. Is a hospital there to serve as many as possible regardless of ability to pay? Or is the hospital a business that needs to be concerned about its bottom line.