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Commentaries on this Media!

Seinfeld Economics: The Switch

by Linda Ghent

Two goods are substitutes if, when the market price of the first good rises, the demand for the second good also rises.

Complements are goods that are consumed together. When two goods are complements, a price increase for one product leads to a drop in the demand for the other product.


Seinfeld: The Switch

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erry is dating a girl but really wants to date her roommate. George suggests that the only way to make the switch is to propose a menage a trois to his current girlfriend, which will turn her off and her roommate on. Jerry follows through on George's plan, and finds that both girls are “into it.” But Jerry can't follow through—and George can't believe it. To Jerry, the roommates are substitutes; to George, they are complements.

from Seinfeld, Season 6 (1995)
Creator: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Posted by Linda Ghent