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Commentaries on this Media!

Sick in America

by Linda Ghent

"Sick in America" lies in direct contrast to the clip we see in "Sick Around the World." Whereas in "Sick Around the World" we find a strong argument for moving to a single-payer health care system, Stossel shows some of the drawbacks to such a system.  

The video also includes a conversation with director Michael Moore about his view on American healthcare. Stossel argues with the director and asks several tough questions of Moore about his claim that health care is better in Cuba than in the U.S.

The video ends with a discussion of how competition can be the savior of the U.S. health care system, lowering costs and raising quality. An innovative health care benefit for employees at Whole Foods is shown, along with several examples of price competition from the medical industry. 

Sick in America (Part I)

Sick in America provides an argument for more competition in health care, and argues that a single-payer system doesn't work well. This video clip is in direct conflict with the Sick Around the World clips.

from Sick in America: John Stossel on Healthcare (2007)
Creator: John Stossel
Posted by Linda Ghent