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Scrubs: My Last Day

by Linda Ghent

The interns want to remove the gallbladder of a patient without insurance and enlist the help of several physicians to make it happen. Ultimately, Dr. Cox must convince the Chief of Staff that the operation would ultimately save the hospital money so that it is in his best interest to approve the surgery.

The Chief of Staff (Dr. Kelso) appears to be solely interested in the hospital's bottom line. Thus, it is up to the doctors and interns to provide the right incentive to Dr. Kelso to get him to approve the surgery. By pointing out the future savings, Dr. Cox is able to get him to say "yes."

This is one of the drawbacks to lack of health insurance. Often, patients become more ill over time, increasing the amount of medical care (and its cost). 

Scrubs: My Last Day

The doctors want to arrange a surgery for a patient without health insurance and need to find a way to convince the Chief of Staff that doing so would actually be best for the hospital's bottom line.

from Scrubs (2002)
Creator: Bill Lawrence
Posted by Linda Ghent