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Grey's Anatomy: No Man's Land

by Linda Ghent

A patient comes to Seattle Grace with a serious injury. He has accidentally been shot in the head with a nail gun. The doctors are able to remove the nail successfully. Hoever, a CT scan reveals a large brain tumor.

The patient is given a choice: have surgery and probably live another 7-10 good years but run the risk of losing his memories and personality. Alternatively, he can avoid surgery and be treated less invasively but will likely only live an additional 3-5 years.

This is a dramatic example of a tradeoff. The patient must weigh the additional years of life with the possible cost of losing what makes him who he is.


Grey's Anatomy: No Man's Land

A patient has an accident with a nail gun, taking a nail to the head. Although treated successfully, the doctors find a brain tumor. The patient's decision: try to prolong his life by surgery but risk losing his memories and part of his personality.

from Grey's Anatomy (2005)
Creator: Shonda Rimes
Posted by Linda Ghent