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Grey's Anatomy: Into You Like a Train

by Linda Ghent

A train wreck leaves two patients connected by a steel rod. Doctors cannot simply remove the rod from both patients; they will bleed to death. Therefore, the doctors decide that they should remove one patient from the rod (risking that patient's life), while operating on the second patient and removing the rod slowly and repairing the damage as they operate. But how do the doctors decide which patient they should risk and which they should save?

Like most decisions, this situation facing these doctors involves a tradeoff. As such, there is a large opportunity cost involved and the doctors have to decide the best route to follow. How can they minimize the opportunity cost?

Grey's Anatomy: Into You Like a Train

A train wreck has left two passengers connected by a long steel pole. The doctors must make a choice about which patient to save. Choice and how decisions are made lie at the heart of economics.

from Grey's Anatomy (2005)
Creator: Shonda Rimes
Posted by Linda Ghent