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Friends (The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance)

by Linda Ghent

Joey, an actor, hasn't had a job for awhile, so his medical insurance lapses. While exercising, Joey ends up with a hernia. Because he has no health insurance coverage, Joey chooses to not seek treatment and tries to get an acting job to get his health insurance reinstated.

While a comedy, this episode of "Friends" highlights the effect of health insurance on the demand for medical care. Without health insurance, Joey doesn't feel that he has the means to purchase his desired (needed?) level of health care. Of course, if he had insurance, he wouldn't have thought twice about seeking treatment. Because health insurance lowers the out-of-pocket price of medical care, it increases the quantity demanded.

Friends (The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance)

Joey loses his health insurance coverage. Unfortunately from him, he develops a hernia while exercising. The clip shows the trouble he goes through waiting to get his problem fixed while he tries to get his insurance reinstated.

from Friends (1999)
Creator: Marta Kauffman, David Crane
Posted by Linda Ghent