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Commentaries on this Media!

Everwood: Pilot

by Linda Ghent

Dr. Andrew Brown is a world-famous neurosurgeon. At the beginning of the clip, Dr. Brown is meeting with a patient who had been told previously that his brain tumor is inoperable. He came to Dr, Brown hoping that he would hear a different opinion. He does. Dr. Brown describes an aggressive treatment approach to remove the tumor and rid the man's body of cancer. The patient is happy.

However, Dr. Brown's wife is suddenly killed in a car accident. This leads him to start thinking about all of the things they put off doing and he realized that he wants to make the most of his life for himself and his kids. When he goes to see the patient before surgery, he advises the patient to avoid surgery and spend what time he has left doing what he wants to do rather than dealing with medical care that can provide only a short-term extension of his life. For Dr. Brown, quality of life has become a key focus rather than just quantity.

Everwood: Pilot

Dr. Andrew Brown is a world-famous neurosurgeon. After his wife dies suddenly, Dr. Brown's views on medicine and what matters in life change dramatically. As a result, he changes the way he practices medicine, focusing on quality of life as well as quantity.

from Everwood (2002)
Creator: Greg Berlanti
Posted by Linda Ghent