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Old movies sure are homoerotic

by Franzeska Dickson

This was a joke vid that I made to go along with a fanfic of the movie Trapeze. This was my assignment for Yuletide 2014. My recipient had had a discussion in 2009 in her Livejournal about how dreadful a vid to this song would have to be. (The Wind Beneath My Wings is a classically overused and trite choice of music for fanvids.)

Never one to back down from a challenge, especially a challenge accompanied by the words "no one would ever" or "worst idea in the world", I just had to make the vid. In the end, it was a far more earnest vid than I'd intended. The song's generic lyrics do actually fit this particular movie surprisingly well. Mike (Burt Lancaster) is the catcher, so he has the less flashy part in the trapeze act and often steps aside to let Tino (Tony Curtis) have the glory.

The main thing I tried to highlight in the vid was just how absurdly homoerotic this movie is. One wonders how audiences of the 50's missed the blatant subtext--or at least enough people missed it that this movie got released.

Mike, Tino's, in that order

Trapeze fanvid

from Trapeze (2014)
Creator: Franzeska Dickson
Posted by Franzeska Dickson