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Discussion Questions

by Foundation for Economic Education

1. What are a few key questions you should begin asking as you start your business?

2. Why do you think so many people have a business idea, but they never actually start their business?

3. What are a few things you could start doing now to build your business?

EoE: 8.1.B - Global Entrepreneurship Week

Geoffrey Clapp, Health Technology Entrepreneur and Advisor to Rock Health, former CTO/COO at Health Hero Network Inc., Director of Engineering at Eastman Kodak, Kodak Imagination Works and Senior Engineer at Apple Computer, Inc. discusses his philosophies on entrepreneurship. This video is included as part of a 40-lesson course on the Economics of Entrepreneurship available now for teachers and students at no charge at

from Kauffman Sketchbook - Global Entrepreneurship Week (2016)
Creator: Kauffman Foundation
Posted by Foundation for Economic Education