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Commentaries on this Media!

Discussion Questions

by Foundation for Economic Education

1.  What kinds of things do entrepreneurs do to meet the needs of people in the community? How do entrepreneurs make society better off?

2.  Can you think of a few examples of entrepreneurs? Do you have a favorite entrepreneur?

3.  What does it mean to create wealth?

EoE: 1.2.A - Are Entrepreneurs Modern Day Heroes?

Law professor Donna Matias defines an entrepreneur as someone able to identify and provide for an unmet need. In short, entrepreneurs are both problem solvers and wealth creators. Extremely successful entrepreneurs, therefore, are not evil. Rather, they are modern day heroes who have managed to effectively fulfill the needs of their consumers. This video is included as part of a 40-lesson course on the Economics of Entrepreneurship available now for teachers and students at no charge at

from Are Entrepreneurs Modern Day Heroes (2016)
Creator: Learn Liberty
Posted by Foundation for Economic Education