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Commentaries on this Media!

Inspiration of Women Musicians

by Christine Anderson

“Lady Joya” (Melonie Davis Kennedy) is inspired by Mabel Smith who was “another big girl” and accomplished “amazing things.” Lady Joya shares Mabel Louise Smith’s musical trajectory, as she also began singing Gospel, in her case in the Church of the Living God in the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati, OH. More recently, she has turned to Rhythm and Blues, which she says, bring her joy. Big Maybelle’s hit “Candy” was not recorded at King, but it reflects the intersections of genres that King fostered. Discovering the many women who recorded at King has also made Kennedy aware of the musical creativity birthed by women in Cincinnati that has and continues to shape performances today.

Lady Joya/Melonie Davis Kennedy "Candy"

Interview with Cincinnati musician, Melonie Davis Kennedy, on the importance of women artists who recorded at King Records and her interpretation of Big Maybelle's hit "Candy."

from "Candy" (2019)
Creator: Christopher Keeney Productions
Distributor: Christopher Keeney Productions
Posted by Christine Anderson