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Commentaries on this Media!

HP vs Apple

by Katherine Wagner

After reading Uriccho's “Technologies of Time” I was thinking about how we often examine the social, historical, and ideological implications of technology development, but do not as often examine the matter of fact political economy reasons. I recently read an article that examined the development of the Yahoo and Google search engines. The article argued that the very structure and process that both sites employ is due largely impart because of their mentality and handling of advertisements. For instance Google imbeds (while labeling) advertisements within search results, while Yahoo has a detailed homepage that encourages the user to remain on their site and there fore hopefully also glance over and click on the ads embedded on the homepage or links on the homepage.

This argument of development and structure being greatly influenced by competitors ran through my mind as I watched this HP ad. Here HP is clearly trying to go after Apple's “creative” or “high brow” users. The development of HP products (and Apple as well) can be directly traced back to the fundamental concept that they do not want their competitors to take their business. Furthermore, returning to Uriccho's argument our own reliance on these new products is not because these products are creating new needs within us, but that these products are finding new ways to address old needs. The ability to create music with your HP is not creating a new need, but is addressing a new way to meet this need. Therefore the more technology is created the more it is about political economy and less about innovation beyond consumerism.

Michel Gondry HP Ad Behind the Scene

Michel Gondry HP Ad Behind the Scene

from Michel Gondry's HP Ad Behind the Scene (2000s)
Creator: Michel Gondry
Posted by Survey of Interactive Media