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How much do we value property rights?

by F. Bailey Norwood

We know that apartments and houses are built by the private sector in order to make profits. It is because the builder is the owner, they know they will be compensated for their costs. However, sometimes we take pity on people who are evicted, even if they did not pay their rent. Sometimes fortune is a stranger. Sometimes people face handicaps that make life difficult for them. In this scene, who do you sympathize with more: the people who want to stay in their house although they did not pay the rent? Or the property owner? Compare this with the scene in Doctor Zhivago ( search "Doctor Zhivago and private property" at CriticalCommons)

Property rights in a documentary: compare to Doctor Zhivago

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This scene from "Capitalism: A Love Story"

from Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)
Creator: Michael Moore [producer, director, and writer] and Anne Moore [producer]
Distributor: The Weinstein Company; Dog Eat Dog Films
Posted by F. Bailey Norwood