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Head Is Not My Home

by AurumCalendula

Head Is Not My Home premiered at Vividcon 2018.

I wanted to emphasize the unreliable narrator and the spy intrigue elements of Atomic Blonde, which is why I focused so much on recording devices (and Lorraine editing their content), photographs, and the list. Lorraine's editing of the magnetic tape in the movie re-contextualizes the contents to serve her goals. In this vid I re-contextualize the movie and alter Delphine's fate in the story.

The focus on unreliable narrators is why none of the fight scenes themselves ended up in the vid, although I did include the moments right before them (the scene with the shoe, the vodka bottle, and Lorraine checking her gun in the elevator). Since I wanted to focus solely on Lorraine and Delphine, I decided to have the men in the movie present only in photographs (or video footage), or be out of focus if they were in the shot.

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Head Is Not My Home

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'secrets lie in our wake' Unreliable narrators in Atomic Blonde.

from Atomic Blonde (2018)
Creator: AurumCalendula
Posted by AurumCalendula