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Commentaries on this Media!

Willingness to Pay in Swept Away

by AdrianFohr

This scene shows a friendly debate over issues with the capitalist system. One such issue is that capitalism is unfair. One debater brings up the situation in which a medical company raises its prices but leaves people untreated in the process. It is important to note that when economists speak about 'willingness to pay' the assume that a person has the 'ability to pay' as well.

Willingness to Pay in Swept Away

This clip from the film Swept Away shows that when economists talk about "Willingness to Pay," the assume the ability to pay. This also highlights one of the main objections that people have to capitalism, namely that it is unfair

from Swept Away (1974)
Creator: Guy Ritchie
Distributor: Screen Gems (US) Medusa Distribuzione (It)
Posted by AdrianFohr