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Commentaries on this Media!

Vegas Vacation and the Money Supply

by AdrianFohr

After Chevy Chase loses a lot of money, he decides to roll high (literally and figuratively) so that he can try to win his money back. However, a more rational person would realize that the loses are a sunk cost and that the odds are strongly against his winning his money back. Also, what happened to the money supply when Chevy's cousin buried it? Then, what happened when they dug it up and put it back into circulation.

Vegas Vacation and the Money Supply

In this clip, Chevy Chase goes broke gambling. He's cousin has a plan to dip into savings and finance Chevy Chase so that he can gamble more and win it all back.

from Vegas Vacation (1997)
Creator: Stephen Kessler
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Posted by AdrianFohr