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Trading Information

by AdrianFohr

Spoiler Alert!
Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd realize that there enemies plan to acquire information illegally and use that information to make a fortune.  The two supplant the brief case with another one that has misinformation.  Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd are the ones who become rich while their enemies end up in the poor house.

The clip hints at why we want to avoid insider trading: it favors the rich!  The executives of a company can trade on information about the company before that information goes public.

Sadly, the solution to insider trading is not always obvious.

At the blog, Marginal Revolution, Dr. Alex Tabarrok says, 'Insider trading in Congress is not new. In 2004, I wrote a about a study showing that the portfolios of US Senators "outperformed the market by an average of 12 per cent a year in the five years to up to 1998.'

Trading Information

Spoiler Alert! This is the plot resolution of the movie Trading Places. In it, Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd realize that the two business men who swindled them are engaging in insider trading. Dan and Eddie capitalize and make a lot of money.

from Trading Places (1983)
Creator: John Landis
Distributor: Eddie Murphy Productions & Cinema Group Ventures
Posted by AdrianFohr