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Commentaries on this Media!

Information in TiMER

by AdrianFohr

Economists tend to assume perfect information. However, do they have models which account for failure of the will? What about addiction? What cannot be modeled by economists? Should this be taken into account when discussing, say, the drug prohibition? In this clip, a woman says it is better to have information than not to have it but then she also realizes that she is not acting on the information that she does have. What is happening in this scene?


In this film, people can buy timers which count down to the day that they will meet their life long true love. In this, clip a woman talks to her boyfriend, who she believes will not be her true love (not according to timers anyway).

from TiMER (2009)
Creator: Jac Shaeffer
Distributor: Present Pictures
Posted by AdrianFohr