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Commentaries on this Media!

Advertising in Trash of the Titans

by AdrianFohr

Homer, who is dimwitted, prefers one teddy bear to another. However, it is implied that a more intelligent person would be indifferent to the two bears. Given this example: 1.) Should we assume that advertising is very important to children's toy sellers who are trying to make a profit? 2.) What other industries require that corporations invest heavily in advertising in order to make a profit? 3.) Is it morally objectionable that corporations try to make a profit from religious holidays?


Adrian Fohr is the originator of this clip and the economics contained herein.

Shifting the Demand Curve in the Simpsons

In this episode of the Simpsons, corporations are portrayed as being able to shift the demand curve with advertising. Homer Simpson prefers a teddy bear that is almost indistinguishable from another teddy bear.

from The Simpsons: Trash of the Titans (1998)
Creator: Matt Groening
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Posted by AdrianFohr