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Commentaries on this Media!

Elasticity in Swept Away

by AdrianFohr

In this clip, Madonna tries to buy a fish from a sailor with whom she is marooned. However, though she keeps raising her bid, he keeps refusing. The concept of elasticity comes into play here. We know that elasticity of demand is affected by whether the good is a necessity or a luxury. On a desert island, a fish is probably a survival necessity; and, as a result, Madonna's demand curve is very inelastic. For further learning: Is there something that Madonna is not understanding about the uses of money?

Necessity and Elasticity in Swept Away

In this clip, Madonna is marooned with a sailor who works for her and her family. He catches a fish; and, she tries to buy it. However, he is unwilling to sell it to her, presumably at any price.

from Swept Away (2002)
Creator: Guy Ritchie
Distributor: Screes Gems (US)
Posted by AdrianFohr