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Commentaries on this Media!

Marxian Exploitation of Labor

by AdrianFohr

This clip shows how Marx believed that the working poor are victims of the machinery of capitalism. He was terribly vague when he described exploitation theory. He also predicated exploitation on labor theory of value. Labor theory of value is wrong, which leaves exploitation theory without legs to stand on. Modern day Marxist are stilling trying to make sense of exploitation; and, Marx, in his day, was unable to explain why if the poor didn't simply move back to the country if industrialization was so harsh for them.

Marxian Exploitation of Labor

This clip is taken from the movie Modern Times. The movie is a silent comedy starring Charlie Chaplin. In it Charlie Chaplin begins work on an assembly line in a factory. It is the story of a working man who must adapt to industrialization.

from Modern Times (1936)
Creator: Charlie Chaplin
Distributor: United Artists
Posted by AdrianFohr